Self Portrait

Self Portrait

About BSmith...

Forty-something year-old Massachusetts native, who actually calls the Nation's Capital "home". See an old version of his photoblog hosted here

He is a lover of:

  • His Family.
  • Any and all Boston-based sports teams but has a soft space in his heart for the Boston Red Sox - so much so that he still cries like a baby when any 2004 World Series documentary plays.
  • Grilling on his Big Green Egg.
  • Reading - he tries to read a book a week but has been failing miserably the last few years.
  • Live Music - with the 930 Club in his backyard this is kind of a given.
  • Photography - he got his first SLR in 2007 and was "bitten by the bug". Three cameras later he is still a Nikon loyalist.

All photos are copyright Brian G. Smith, if you "use" them without his permission he will be pissed.