Lucy Dacus - DC 9 - Washington,DC

I first heard Lucy Dacus sitting at NPR waiting for a Tiny Desk Concert. Our host, Bob Boilen had seen Lucy the previous evening and giddily played "I Don't Want to be Funny Anymore" post taping of the guest - I just remember sitting there shocked with this song. Well I had the chance to see her last night at DC9 and it was AMAZING. For some reason I think this will be the last time we ever get the chance to see her in such an intimate venue.

United House of Prayer Memorial Day Parade - Washington, DC

Each and every Memorial Day weekend, the United House of Prayer holds a parade that goes throughout the Shaw neighborhood in DC. For years I thought it was what was "wrong" with the neighborhood...a symbol of a church taking advantage of the needy. I was wrong.

While I am not a fan of a few of the churches in Shaw, this event reminded me that part of a community is what this is truly all about...